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We are so free #1 Fidelio

Exhibition-performance of Novoflot and L. v. Beethoven


Fidelio is the first part of the trilogy Wir sind so frei #1 – #3 dedicated by Novoflot to Beethoven and his anniversary, which was created between opera and piano concert, music theatre exhibition and symphony, philharmonic space exploration and newly composed music.

A wide range of instrumental ensembles, singers and performers logically consider Ludwig van Beethoven's idiosyncratic compositional practice for the future and explore it scenically in extreme spatial dispositions. Beethoven's curiosity about contradiction serves as a crucial driving force here! Wir sind so frei #1 – #3 is a consideration of 250 years of the most powerful impacts of a singular musical body of works on contemporary art.

In the first part of the new trilogy, Novoflot make Beethoven's Fidelio sound like the echo of a freedom opera. In an exhibition performance for trumpet, sound installation, keys and vocals, in the midst of a stelae field of acoustic sources and artefacts, the achievements of the French Revolution appear as long-forgotten attributes. The trumpet signal, once the healing musical message of a supposed happy ending serves as the foundation stone for an experimental arrangement for trumpeter Damir Bacikin, who examines the utopian potential of opera, as well as Beethoven's musical dramaturgy determination process in the White Cube with an ensemble of performers. In the process, the voices of the protagonists of the opera call out from the beyond, which composer and pianist Antonis Anissegos transforms into a kaleidoscope of sound, original music and new compositions.

Sven Holm (direction), Vicente Larrañaga (musical direction), Antonis Anissegos (composition / sound installation), Elisa Limberg (stage), Anne Storandt (stage assistance), Silvie Naunheim (costumes), Mirko Borscht (video), Rafal Dziemidok (choreography), Sven Holm & Malte Ubenauf (concept) Ismael Schott (lighting design & technical direction), Koray Alkan (sound design), Dörte Wolter, Miriam Glöckler & Thorsten Cölle (production)

With Antonis Anissegos, Damir Bacikin, Maxime Barbasetti, Konstantin Bez, Almut Kühne, Vicente Larrañaga and Renae Shadler

Voices from beyond / Sound installation: Rebecca von Lipinski (Leonore), Narine Yeghiyan (Marzelline), Florian Hoffmann (Jaquino), Antony Shelley (Rocco)

A project within the scope of BTHVN2020. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste.

Preview of parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy:
#2 Die 10. Sinfonie / Kölner Philharmonie, premiere on October 14, 2020
#3 ∞ - Ma non troppo / Theater im Delphi, spring 2021